Shireen Al Rifai, a UAE-based presenter who works for Al Aan TV, issued an apology to Saudis for wearing 'inappropriate' clothes while filming a report in the kingdom.

In a tweet she posted via her private Twitter account earlier this week, she wrote:

"I strongly apologize about what circulated, the video of my reporting on the first day Saudi women started driving in my beloved home country. I remain your daughter. Sending you all my respect."

This post comes weeks after her report, which was on Saudi women driving, stirred up controversy on Twitter, with many criticizing her "revealing" outfit and accusing her of violating the country's social norms.

At the time, Al Rifai fled the ultra-conservative kingdom amid the intense backlash and after authorities decided to investigate her over the appearance.

Al Rifai's apology didn't go down too well with Saudi tweeps

Soon after her apology went viral on Saudi Twitter, it left hundreds upset, with many still adamant that she is held accountable for her actions. 

Some were having none of Al Rifai's statement

"Isn't she the one who took photos of her passport when she fled the kingdom!! Doesn't that mean she disregarded the country's laws?"

"The country has laws! Apologies have nothing to do with them"

Many continued calling on authorities to punish Al Rifai

"She must be held accountable over this so that it stops others from imitating her."

Not everyone was that harsh though

"I forgive her, she made a mistake and apologized over it." 

Others just couldn't even with those still attacking Al Rifai

"Let people be judged by their creator, let her and others be."

Watch the video that led to the initial controversy below:

After Al Rifai's report went viral at the time, many accused her of disrespecting the kingdom's strict dress code for women. 

Under the existing dress code, women are expected to cover their hair with a veil and wear a loose fit abaya (floor length garment) when in public.

However, many also defended the TV presenter, saying she should be free to wear whatever she wants.