In one of her latest videos, beauty guru and YouTuber Jackie Aina displayed a range of colorful hijabs created by fellow social media personality Amena Khan.

However, little did she know that a screenshot of the one-minute clip would soon turn into a viral meme.

Relating to the mix-up of wearing a hijab with a cropped top, hijabis had a wild day when that photo quickly started to circulate online.

Here are 10 tweets of Aina in a hijab that will crack you up:

The original photo-turned-meme

1. The one where you need a quick fix-up

2. The one where it just doesn't work

3. The one who got inside the head of a haram police

4. The one situation that's all too familiar

5. The one where you get the best of both worlds

6. The one where mom loses it all

7. The one where Eid night is all too familiar

8. The one where she just wanted to pass by

9. The one where delivery boys don't count

10. The one where you're synonymous with a kafera