If you follow Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed on social media, you know he's always putting up photos of his adventures . From epic bike trips to horse racing and extreme sports, we're all little jealous of the talents and lifestyle of Dubai's crown prince.

You'll also notice that Prince Hamdan definitely has a strong love for animals and he takes every opportunity he can to share photos of himself with them. They range from the exotic to mundane house pets and everything in between.

1. From pictures with ordinary cats...

2. To baby wild cats...

3. And this little tiger that loves smartphones

4. And big cats too!

5. He's also an avid horse lover

6. You can definitely see the love

7. He makes friends with elephants easily

8. It's an intimate friendship...

9. Sometimes he hangs out with giraffes, just to chill

10. And since he's from the UAE, he has at least a few falcon friends

11. One time he even saved a fish . They quickly became friends

12. Sometimes, when animals model for him, he'll show them how their photos turned out

13. The animals love him right back...

14. And why wouldn't they?