The nineties were just the beginning of a decade in which each of the UAE's seven emirates slowly started to take shape. 

Several cities in the 90s witnessed the launch of their very first English-speaking cinemas, first department stores, first toy stores, and of course, the country's first cake shop.

It all started when two friends - Lokesh Fotedar and Taizoon Khorakiwala - moved to Dubai and noticed the lack of celebratory cake shops. This ultimately led to the inception of Mister Baker, the UAE's first cake shop. 

Throughout the years, the shop has become an icon for 90s kids in the UAE. More recently, the shop decided to up its game, expanding across the nation. A number of new branches opened up in areas including Jumeirah, Karama, Deira, Al Qasimiah, and Al Nahda.

Its Jumeirah branch is the latest to get a major uplift, with a redesigned shop, offering its customers a world-class experience.

The shop has won over people's hearts - and taste buds - taking center stage in their celebrations.

Back in 1990...

Committed to offering the ultimate experience, Mister Baker revamped its Jumeirah branch to an all-new and improved shop that makes its cakes all the more tempting. 

"We wanted to give our customers a world-class in-store experience that matches the quality of the cakes we make," Mister Baker told StepFeed. 

The redesigned shop is scheduled for a launch event on May 1st. The day-long event will feature activities such as cupcake-decorating, face painting and of course, plenty of delicious treats.

Years later, Mister Baker launched its 2018 edition

And it's all about celebrations...

What's the story behind Mister Baker?

When Fotedar and Khorakiwala noticed that celebration cakes could only be purchased at Dubai's five-star hotels or travel agencies in 1990, they decided to open their own cake shop catering to all people and budgets.

Mister Baker has since branched out across the UAE, with 18 outlets all over the seven emirates, and expanded their menu to include party snacks and different items needed on every occasion.

The cake shop is dedicated to perfecting people's festivities, serving all things celebration. 

"We started out with the words 'Celebration Cake' on our signage to reflect our product focus. The new tagline, 'Let’s Celebrate!' reflects our ambition to be experts in all things celebration."

Then vs Now

Then vs Now

Their cakes look beyond delicious

That chocolate truffle cake *drool*

*Give me a slice* please

Art in the form of cake