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Gulf News/Aghaddir Ali Source: Gulf News

Earlier this week, the body of an Indian woman was found buried in her home in Sharjah's Maysaloon area, Gulf News reported

According to Sharjah Police, the woman was reported missing on April 9 by her brother and was found - with the help of sniffer K9 dogs - dead and buried in her house, in what appeared to be a case of domestic violence.

The deceased's husband has since fled to India, while the UAE authorities have filed for an arrest warrant against him with Interpol.

The victim's brother flew from India to the UAE to look for his sister once communication completely halted and she stopped replying, according to Gulf News. 

When he arrived at her house and found it empty, he immediately filed a missing person report.

Gulf News/Aghaddir Ali Source: Gulf News

Local police said the suspect, who's in his 40s, had two wives. He killed and buried one before escaping but had sent his second wife along with his kids to India before committing the murder.

Residents of the neighborhood were shocked by the news but told Gulf News the suspect was reserved and "did not have any contact with anyone in the area."

Not the first time domestic violence reported in the region

Source: wnpr

In many reported cases around the Arab world, whether it's targeting honor killing or domestic violence, women are physically abused and killed, with only a few cases being highlighted to authorities. 

Earlier this month, in neighboring Saudi Arabia, a man killed his three daughters and stabbed his wife while they were sleeping. 

Another Saudi husband killed his wife following a domestic dispute and admitted his crime to the police.

Last year, a Jordanian man murdered his wife under the name of "honor killing" and got his sentence reduced from 20 to 10 years in jail. 

This year, a Kuwaiti husband shot his wife dead after a domestic argument.