Although Dubai's Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan - better known as Fazza - has been inspiring generations for years, it seems not everyone recognizes him.

While in New York, Fazza documented bits and pieces of his trip via Instagram posts and stories, one of which has gone viral. 

In a story video posted on the social media platform, Sheikh Hamdan can be seen riding with a local taxi driver who didn't flinch when he saw the crown prince ... mainly because he didn't know who he was. 

The taxi driver took the crown prince to his destination. Upon departing the cab, Fazza thanked him for the ride.

"Okay. Have a nice day," the driver responds, suggesting that he does not have a clue who he was chauffeuring.

"I like the UAE royals for their simplicity"

"Most humble guy"

"That's cool"

"Can you imagine [what will happen] when the driver's family show him?"

Photogenic much?

Professional photographer or royal?

Fazza did not miss out on working out while in New York!