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Earlier this week, a video showing a man - believed to be Saudi and named Mohamed - surprising his mother on her graduation day went viral on Saudi Twitter. 

In the footage, a decorated car is seen blasting music as a man comes out with a necklace of flowers, walking towards his mother who had just graduated from Grade 12 of a school that teaches the elderly.

The woman, who's wearing a black niqab, is visibly emotional and in tears as she seems overwhelmed by her son's gesture.

Saudi Tweeps shared the joy and excitement of this family and didn't hold back their emotions.

"She deserves this considering how she raised him"

Tweeps couldn't hold back their tears

"I teared up."

Congrats flooded the thread

"May God do him good and rewards him. Congratulations."


"May God protect her and her children and all our mothers."

Tears were in full force

Tweeps wished for higher education plans

"If God is willing she will go to college and study dentistry or even better than that." 

"Her happiness with her kids' gesture is bigger than her happiness with graduation"

"She grew old but never let go of her ambitions"

"Most beautiful video"

"May God reward him"

Some tweeps criticized the video

"He could've done that without shooting a video."

"He should've done that at home with the whole family"

Watch the full video here:

Not the first Arab elderly to graduate at an old age

Obstacles fade in the face of determination and some Arabs are making sure to let the world know about their serious educational plans... even at the age of 80. 

Last year, a 74-year-old Palestinian grandma, Najma Khalil Abu Esbaa, received her Ph.D. She had worked as a teacher in the UAE for over 17 years and was able to achieve her life-long dream after she presented and defended her doctoral thesis to a panel of judges. 

The beginning of 2018 witnessed the enrolling of a 64-year-old Saudi man in school to accomplish his dream of graduating high school. He is now studying at the same level as his daughter. 

Also last year, an 81-year-old Palestinian grandpa studied hard to pass his high school exams, which he had failed the year before.