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Earlier this week, a court in the UAE's capital city Abu Dhabi started the prosecution of an Asian salesman accused of stealing ice cream worth 111,000 dirhams ($30,219,) Al Bayan newspaper reported.

The defendant's colleague, who covered up the robbery after he was paid a 5,000 dirham ($1,361) bribe, was also tried in court. Both men denied all charges held against them, telling a judge their arrests came as a result of a misunderstanding.

Both men continue to face legal trouble

The ice cream salesman claimed that he returned most of the products he was responsible for to the company, but then noticed they were missing 4,000 dirhams worth of goods. He asked his colleague not to report the matter to seniors at the corporation as he was going to pay back the remaining dues.

The man's co-worker corroborated this version of events, stating that he didn't accept any bribe from his friend and only delayed reporting the missing cash to his employers "out of kindness".

The defendants' statements didn't end their legal trouble, as they are both set to be back in court for final hearings into the case on October 17.

Naturally, the ice cream thieves have gone viral on Arab Twitter

Some just didn't get the news

Because what would anyone do with so much ice cream ...

"It's ice cream, it'll melt, what are they going to use it for?"

Others made sense of it though

"It's hot and humid, I swear this is the most amazing robbery." 

Many reacted to the news with humor

"These two represent me. But 111,000 ... where are they going to sell them before they melt?"

"The most delicious robbery"