Egypt's ongoing crackdown on journalists, bloggers, and activists is at an all-time high, and one governor in the country has added Disney characters to the list.

Alaa Marzouq, the governor of Qalioubiya, ordered the removal of cartoon characters from kindergarten school walls in the governorate. He suggested schools put up photos of Egyptian "military heroes" instead.

"We need to replace the images of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck with images of famous Egyptians and military martyrs so children look up to them as role models," said Marzouq, according to news website Youm7.

"All these characters are US-made, while we have many honorable figures ... who will deepen the children's patriotism and love for the nation," he added.

The governor's announcement sparked outrage among Egyptians and the international community. Many pointed out that the governor's priorities are out of place.

"Clean up the school bathrooms that spread illnesses instead of this idiocy"

Others pointed out the terrifying consequences this could have on kids

"Doing this will only cause depression among children from such a young age and then when they grow up they will throw themselves in front of a metro due to poor mental health." 

"Stay away from children ... there are too many people who were brainwashed by this mentality"

"What is this? This is too much Egypt"

Some found the decision too funny to be true

"If you feel threatened by a mouse in shorts, what else scares you?"

Ironically, Mickey Mouse celebrated its 90th anniversary at Giza pyramids this week

To celebrate Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday, the Disney character made it out to Egypt, as part of the Disney Live! shows in the country.

The shows are set to kick off on September 26.

But, it's definitely not the first time Mickey Mouse caused a stir in the country

In December 2015, a 22-year-old former soldier was sentenced to three years in prison after sharing a meme of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi with Mickey Mouse ears.

Prosecutors at the time said the charge came following "a series of disrespectful posts on social media", according to Business Insider.