Just when you start to think that sexist Arab hashtags hit rock bottom, a new one pops up and proves that the worst is yet to come. 

The latest trend to go viral on the region's internet asks men what a woman is. Soon after it started making the rounds online earlier this week, it generated pretty offensive responses, to say the least. 

However, Arab women weren't about to let any of those pass and brilliantly hit back at every misogynist out there.

It all started when this hashtag went viral

"What's a woman?"

Leading some to post bizarre things like this

"A piece of glass, if it breaks, it'll never be repaired." 

And offensive tweets like this

"A woman is like a watermelon... depends on your luck." 

But no one was about to let this hashtag pass

And Arab women were all there for it

What is someone who deals with Arab men?

"Super human." 

Many hilariously hit back at the trend

"A space creature that Saudis got introduced to in 2017"

"Taj rassek"

Trolling level: Arab women

"What's a woman? She's what you're always worried about." 

"We'll show you what a woman is... don't be impatient"