A nine-year-old Saudi girl tragically passed away after she was electrocuted by a light post in Assir governorate's Majarida city, Akhbaar 24 reported

Now identified as Jana Al Shehri, the little girl was struck by electricity while playing in a park on Sunday. Speaking to local news outlets, the child's mother said the family had been out to celebrate the kingdom's 88th National Day when tragedy struck.

She said her daughter was pronounced dead at the scene and her body has since been transferred to a local hospital. Devastated by the loss of their daughter, Al Shehri's parents blamed local authorities for the accident, stating that the light post had not been maintained in accordance with public safety rules.

Three top officials have been fired from their posts over the incident

Statements made by Al Shehri's parents have since led authorities to launch an urgent investigation into the matter. Public outrage over the case also resulted in the firing of three of Al Majarida's top officials from their posts. 

In a statement to MBC's Ma3ali Al Mowaten program, the official spokesman of the region's municipality, Nayef bin Dayf Allah Al Otaibi, confirmed the news. 

He explained that the governorate's mayor was fired from his position, along with two other officials responsible for the area's electricity and public services. All three men have now been referred to authorities for further investigation and the case will most likely be transferred to the public prosecution.

Al Shehri's death left thousands in shock

"Young Jana Ali Mohammad Al Shehri is a victim of this municipality's negligence."

And led many to raise alarm over this

"I was walking through a park in one of our governorates and spotted a light post base with exposed electric wires all over it. Imagine if a child touched them or played around the area. Imagine if it rains and there's water around them... how big of a catastrophe would that be?!!!"

Everyone prayed for the little girl

"May God have mercy on her soul and give her parents strength. Her mother's tears broke my heart." 

Rest in peace Jana