Last week, numerous teachers in the Tunisian city of Kasserine protested and refused to mark their student's high school exam papers because the word 'Israel' was included in one of the history and geography questions.

According to RT Arabic, the educators argued that if Israel is referred to as a state in the exam paper, it should also be clearly mentioned that it's an occupying power oppressing the Palestinian people.

Consequently, Tunisian activists published a video featuring the meeting of several teachers who rejected the existence of the words "State of Israel" on the examination document.

"We are not against education, we are not against knowledge"

"We are protesting against the inclusion of the words 'State of Israel' in the history and geography exam. As Tunisians, we are proud of our Arabism, and we support Palestine," the spokesman for the protesters declared.

"To whom it may concern, we declare our position that we will not accept the use of the term 'Israel' without adding a reference to the illegal and ongoing Israeli occupation. We are not against education, we are not against knowledge, but we support the plights and the causes of our nation,"  he added.

Tantamount to most Arab League countries, Tunisia has no official diplomatic ties with Israel and the general public is mainly supportive of the Palestinian cause.

This video explaining the teacher's stance was widely shared online

Many tweeps in the Arab world applauded them for their stance

"Thanks to the free teachers of Tunisia." 

Palestinians couldn't be more thankful

"Utmost respect to the courageous people of Tunisia."