The resilience of Palestinians will forever be exemplary. 

Not only can it be felt, touched, and measured in the way they continuously defend what's left of their land, it is also documented in countless photographs. 

These shots tell the tales of war and destruction, passion and talent, and above all, perseverance.

Here are 10 photos from Palestine that will inspire you. 

1. A love story of another kind

Palestinian trick rider, Abdulla Al Ghefari, takes one of his horses to the shores of Gaza. 

Al Ghefari's passion for horse riding and his home city, Gaza, is unparalleled. 

2. It's never too late to learn

eduation, palestine, elderly, college, general certificate
Abou Agameyya before receiving his certificate Source: Twitter/Palestine_ar

After his third attempt, 82-year-old Abdul-Qader Abou Agameyya, who hails from the town of Al-Khalil, finally receives his general secondary certificate.

He was also granted a scholarship to pursue his college education. 

3. Message across the sea

According to the Telegraph, Palestinian fisherman Jihad Al Soltan received a message in a bottle that encouraged him to write back via email. 

The message was sent by a British couple on vacation in Greece, Bethany Wright and boyfriend Zach Marriner. 

The fisherman told Reuters: "As a fisherman, I felt this letter traveled through borders and international waters without restrictions while we as fishermen are unable to go beyond six miles." 

4. Man on a trek

Swedish activist Benjamin Ladra has embarked on a mission to walk 4800 kilometers from Sweden to Palestine. 

Benjamin, who started his walk on Aug. 8, aims to raise awareness of the Palestinian cause during this trek, which could last up to an entire year to complete.  

5. Love conquers all

A couple's wedding photo-shoot in front of the Dome of the Rock shrine. The bride is wearing a gown with traditional Palestinian embroidery.   

6. There's always light

Fireworks set off during the holy month of Ramadan in Jabalia refugee camp.  

7. Pearls through the rubble

Aspiring Gazan musicians, siblings Ghada and Mohammad Shoman, shot a music video in the remains of a home in the eastern part of Shejaayya neighborhood.  

Mohammad Shoman also got to tour the UK in 2016, along with three other musicians from Gaza. 

8. Joyous Eid spirit

A young boy posing with a goat on the first day of Eid Al-Adha. 

9. Tears of joy

Palestinian siblings, Bushra and Samir, reunite during Hajj after being apart for over 15 years. 

Because of Samir's migration to Australia and the constant instabilities in Palestine, the siblings were unable to meet. It was a happy surprise when they suddenly saw each other during the pilgrimage season.

10. A bit of color makes everything better

Led by young Gazans, hip cafe Gahwetna welcomes Ramadan with colorful umbrellas.