Another day, another Arab guy polluting the online air by sharing his irrelevant opinions about the world on his timeline...

While many Arabs chose to tweet their heartwarming and funny reactions to the Royal Wedding, one Twitter user - who goes by the name "Sako" - posted a picture of Meghan staring at Harry right after he removed her veil with the caption, "Lebanese girls can't relate to this simple face."

However, Lebanese women were quick to fire back, quoting his tweet and replying with the most epic comebacks.

It all started with this tweet...

... which was followed by backlash

Some tweeps brought up the bitter truth

Three simple words...

Others pointed out this fact

Shut. Him. Down. 🙌🏻

The comebacks were endless

You get what you give

Simplicity who?

Apply cold water to burnt areas

Following the backlash the Twitter user received from countless Lebanese women, he posted a series of tweets in which he expressed his surprise and thoughts on the matter...

He surely didn't expect the heavy responses

He even brought up the "Phoenicians" excuse

Then he doubted the actual existence of those who replied to him