Over the weekend, Prince Harry and actress Meghan Markle tied the knot at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom, as millions of people tuned in to the emotional ceremony. 

Videos and photos of the royal wedding began making the rounds online, and Arabs - unsurprisingly - pitched in their own series of commentary moments after.

A flood of Arab memes and jokes went viral. Here are some of the funniest ones:

1. Did Egypt's Sisi make an appearance?

2. Or was it Lebanon's Hariri?

3. OK, no, it was most probably Mohamed Salah

4. International media had a bunch of questions, to which Arabs provided answers

5. Some had other priorities

6. Beckham was the topic of discussion

"Enough woman, it's true our wedding wasn't as royal as this one, but you can't say our marriage hasn't been good." 

7. On PDA

"Meghan Markle: Don't kiss me now, it's inappropriate

Prince Harry: Who's the idiot who said so?"

8. Did Pikachu attend the wedding?

9. On E!'s advice to men...

10. When Arab women get invited for iftar

11. Queen Elizabeth II or Lebanese President Michel Aoun?

12. Mabrouk, mabrouk ... ya 7ayat albi mabrouk!

13. What is a royal wedding without ... Melhem Zein?

14. Google searches be like: "single princes in Europe"