Source: YouTube

If you've ever been on the roads in Lebanon, then you know just how creative people can get with their modes of transportation and delivery services given the monumental traffic. 

I mean we have DVD deliveries, food deliveries ... even car wash deliveries, and apparently a new one has come to the scene: crane deliveries. 

A video of a crane moving around in the air, before swiftly descending towards a pedestrian on the side of the road carrying a few plastic bags in his hands has been making the rounds online. 

As the crane comes to a halt, the man skillfully places the bags on its hooks. 

Delivery time? *30 seconds*

And ... up it goes! Skipping road traffic ...

Customer service be like: Call us if your delivery is not there in 1 minute. If late, the delay may be due to crane air traffic.  

Lebanese satire page El 3ama put quite a twist on the original video. It's pretty hilarious.