Rami Malek thinks his upcoming performance as Freddie Mercury could be his "Beyoncé moment."

The Egyptian-American and Emmy-award winning actor appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday. In addition to discussing splitting a carrot on a date and his attention-grabbing red suit at the recent Met Gala, Malek talked about his upcoming role as Mercury in the Queen biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody

“I could have my Beyoncé moment,” Malek said. 

He went on to talk about the moment when reality hit him, and he fully realized that he'd be playing Mercury in the film. 

"I’m running across the street where I look back and I see it’s that iconic crosswalk that the Beatles have the album cover for Abbey Road on and instantly I’m like, ‘What the hell is happening to me right now?’" he said, describing how surreal the situation was. 

After getting inside the studio, Malek came face-to-face with an autographed portrait of Mercury. 

"Freddie Mercury’s face just kind of staring at me, telling me, ‘Don’t do this,'" he said. "It really felt inspiring, but it definitely was that look of, ‘Don’t f*** this up.'" 

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