Robozão, the famous dancing robot, made an appearance at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre and had people cheering its perfect dance moves. 

The 2.6-meter Brazilian robot is a party animal and has been dancing its way into people's hearts for years. 

Earlier last week, it took over a NAFFCO - "the world's leading producer and supplier of life safety solutions" - event in Dubai and showcased its skills ... but this time, to pure Arabic tunes.

Jokes came pouring in after this video went viral on Twitter

Robozão shook its technologically advanced body while hand in hand with a group of men during the event, with Taal (Come) - sang by Ali Jassim, Mahmoud Alturky, and Moustafa Al Abdullah - in the background. 

It also danced with spot-on moves to Saad Lamjarred's Lm'allem.

As soon as a video of the dancing robot was uploaded to Twitter - watched over 1.3 million times so far - people went crazy and fell in love with this fun side of technology. 

The skills the robot has had people screaming

Would Robozão be free for some dance classes?

Or being a dance partner?

"Wallah it's a great dancer"

"Less Wall-e, more Wallah-e"

"It reached Arabs and they ruined its morals"

Robozão is quite popular on social media and at events

Other than participating in trending challenges like the #10YearChallenge, Robozão attends festivals, events, and conferences to entertain people. 

It also has tens of thousands of followers on FacebookInstagram, and a bit less on YouTube

Created by Brazilian Lei Almeida, who was an avid comics enthusiast as a kid, Robozão was based on Marvel's character Colossus