In 2001, McDonald's Egypt launched the McFalafel. Almost two decades later, the delicious wrap has made its way to Sweden.

McDonald's Sweden recently announced the launch of the McFalafel, adding the Arab wrap as an option on its vegan menu. This came following the success of its McVegan sandwich in 2017. 

The wrap is being dubbed as McDonald's Sweden's "first vegan Happy Meal" featuring two choices of dips, a drink, and a side of apples, carrots, or fries.

A recent poll by Animal Rights Sweden revealed that almost one in 10 Swedes now follow a plant-based diet.

Some people in the UK are quite jealous

Others don't understand why Sweden got the meal

"Why not USA?"

Or simply, why not Lebanon?

The McFalafel caused quite the controversy in 2011

In 2011, McDonald's introduced the McFalafel in its branches across Israel. However, the burger chain then withdrew the meal, saying it was a failed attempt. 

"We realized that falafel doesn't belong in McDonald's," said Omri Padan, chief executive of McDonald's Israel, according to The Guardian.

"We wanted a vegetarian dish … but it didn't succeed. The falafel dish is gradually being removed from the restaurants."

Or, maybe because falafel doesn't belong in Israel. Period.