Last week, millions of people went into a complete meltdown after Egyptian footballer Mohamed Salah suddenly shut down all his social media accounts. 

Heartbroken fans speculated the reason behind his surprise exit but no one could figure it out. However, it turned out to be a marketing ploy. 

Over the weekend, the Liverpool forward made a return, bringing back all his accounts and hinting at the fact that shutting down his pages was all part of a marketing campaign for courier company DHL. 

On Thursday, DHL Egypt sent out a clue behind Salah's disappearance. 

In a video posted on Instagram, the company told people it could connect them to the legendary footballer but didn't elaborate any further. 

Late on Sunday, Salah tweeted out a heartwarming video ad for the company in which he explained the whole mystery to his followers.

Now that the campaign with Salah is out, it has certainly captured everyone's attention and is receiving mostly positive feedback. 

First, everyone celebrated Salah's return

"Welcome back Egyptian king"

As for the ad, some weren't feeling it

Some pointed this out

Many absolutely loved Salah's collaboration with DHL

"A genius ad"

"Okay DHL you got my money"

Watch Salah's full DHL ad below: