The #10YearChallenge has taken social media by storm this week, leaving behind many memes that had us fall off our chairs laughing. 

But if we take it from a different perspective, we can see the actual change humans made to their entourage. 

Instead of staring at faces getting older, take a look at some Arab cities and the alterations they went through for the past 10 years. 

Dubai, UAE (2009 vs 2019)

Dubai 2009, Dubai 2019, Burj Khalifa, UAE

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (2009 vs 2019)

Riyadh 2009, Riyadh 2019, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom tower

Beirut, Lebanon (2009 vs 2019)

Raouche 2009, Raouche 2019, Beirut, Lebanon

Cairo, Egypt (2009 vs 2019)

Cairo 2009, Cairo 2019, Egypt, 6th of October bridge

Mecca, Saudi Arabia (2009 vs 2019)

Mecca 2009, Mecca 2019, Saudi Arabia, Kaaba,

Amman, Jordan (2009 vs 2019)

Amman 2009, Amman 2019, roman theater, Jordan

Chefchaouen, Morocco (2009 vs 2019)

Chefchaouen 2009, Chefchaouen 2019, Morocco