Farha, a 19-year-old Muslim Canadian student is anything but timid, and her latest post is a clear indication of that. 

The student who blogs on Tumblr via thebootydiaries, struck back when asked why she and other Muslims simply do not "tell other Muslims to stop killing."

And, her post has been going viral for all the right reasons. Here's why. 

Instead of being silent, Farha uses satire, and it's the stuff of world-class art. 

In her response, she decides to address all 1.6 billion Muslims all in one go

"I'm sitting in front of my laptop, silently studying the 1.6 billion faces speaking simultaneously in front of me," she writes. 

She tries to interrupt but at first nobody listens ...

"'Hey guys, what if ... I start to say."

Determined to get through, she continues on ...

"Nobody hears me, but I refuse to be silent."

"Thousands of lives had paid the price for my ignorance, but not anymore!"

And then she brings it home

"'What if you guys .... stopped killing people?'"

And all 1.6 billion eyes are on her

"My heart is in my throat as the ISIS leader gives me a blank expression," Farha writes in her post. 

"A single tear rolls down my cheek. 'Please.' I say with a broken voice."

"He is moved."

Initially, Farha simply ignored the anonymous question

Farha told BuzzFeed News that she is no stranger to receiving hate mail and ignorant questions. So, initially she just ignored the message, but then she thought “that people actually might think like that.”

Her sarcastic and satirical response points out the question's absurdity in the best way possible. 

As a Muslim blogger, Farha has had to deal with a fair share of Islamophobia and she's turned to her wit for defense.

"From the day I started to wear my hijab I’ve had thick skin," she said. "When a man in the train started telling me to ‘stop blowing things up and go back to your country’ I just got off the train and took the next one. I’ve gotten that same ‘tell terrorists to stop’ message over and over again."

She did several version of the response and shared it on Twitter last week

And this isn't the only time Farha has responded to haters either

By all means Farha, continue to slay.