American celebrity Lindsay Lohan has opened up once again about her relationship with Islam and the Arab world.

Speaking to Kuwaiti TV host Shoaib Rashid on the Arabic show Siwar Shoaib, the star of Mean Girls revealed she has read 15 pages of the Quran translated into English. She also listens to audio of the holy book on her mobile phone via an app and practices writing some of the Quran's verses.

“Do you feel something special when you read it?” Rashid asked Lohan, according to Arab News.

The star responded saying, "I feel calmness."

Lohan also opened up about the reaction she received after she was spotted carrying a Quran in the U.S. back in 2015. She was attacked by many on social media after the images made it online. 

"I was just holding a religious book, but people in America didn’t like it, they judged me for it and were saying nasty things," the star said. 

At the time, she said she felt as if the Quran were "a solace and a safe thing for me to have."

Lohan also talked about her experience fasting for Ramadan for three days.

"It was hard but it was good. It felt good,” Lohan said about Ramadan.

The star said she has tried praying in the Islamic fashion as well.

Lohan has been making headlines throughout the Middle East in recent months. It's believed that she has relocated somewhat permanently to Dubai. She has also been spending time volunteering with Syrian refugees in Turkey and Greece.

After giving several interviews in recent months, social media users began noticing that the star had developed an interesting new accent. Many were quick to say it sounded a lot like an Arabic accent.

Many have speculated that Lohan had converted to Islam. But, while she has repeatedly shown strong interest in Islam and the Arab world, she has never claimed to have converted.

This hasn't stopped some serious haters from attacking her.

A prominent newspaper in Washington D.C. published an op-ed by a contributor calling Lohan's "conversion" to Islam "her worst life choice yet." After backlash from readers, the article was taken down.

Considering the celebrity has struggled with serious drug addiction and spent time in prison, the classification as the "worst" is, to put it mildly, beyond ridiculous and absurdly sensational.