Just hours after a federal appeals court rejected U.S. President Donald Trump's Muslim-targeted ban, Royal Jordanian Airlines took its marketing tactics to a whole new level. 

Jordan's flagship carrier released an advertisement that highlights the positive side of the temporary ban-lift, offering travelers a chance to fly to the U.S. at relatively low fares. 

"Fly to the U.S. with RJ now that you're allowed to," the ad reads, accompanied with the savvy replacement of the word "ban" with "bon voyage."

People absolutely loved it!

Epic trolling, indeed

People actually laughed out loud

The airline takes "real-time marketing" very seriously

This isn't the first time the airline trolls Trump. Back in November, an ad mocking Trump's proposed policies made the rounds online.

Following the temporary ban-lift, Trump criticized the U.S. court system, accusing it of putting "the country in peril."

"Just cannot believe a judge would put our country in such peril. If something happens blame him and court system. People pouring in. Bad!" Trump tweeted

Trump's controversial executive order, which bans people from seven Muslim majority countries from entering the U.S., has affected thousands of people including students, doctors and green-card holders. 

Under the ban, people traveling back to the U.S. were detained and deported back to their countries.  

Let's hope the ban-lift is here to stay!