A drastic drop in temperatures across the region is pushing residents in the Gulf to take extreme measures to stay warm - even if that sometimes involves certain risks. 

The most recent example of this is one man's drastic attempt in Saudi Arabia ,where temperatures plummeted to -1 degree Celsius this week. 

A video, which has been making the rounds online shows the man sparking a fire inside his vehicle. Yes, you read that right, inside his car. 

The video has since gone viral with the caption "a33 el farra", which translates to, "Oh! The cold."

It's kinda clear why. 

Driving around? Fire wood takes the shotgun

Taking "Hot in here?" to a whole new level

Heat on delivery!

Jokes aside, temperatures ARE extreme

The General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) predicted winds would reach 50 km per hour, causing low visibility as a result of increased dust. 

As a result, civil and health authorities have urged Riyadh residents to follow preventive measures against cold and flu. 

Further snowfall is expected in the kingdom's north, with sub-zero temperatures and strong winds.

So extreme that lakes have frozen over

And, its not only Saudi Arabia

The region has seen snowfall in unexpected countries in the last few weeks, including the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia. 

Earlier this winter, Algeria, Tunisia and parts of Syria also witnessed snowfall.