Last year, a group of Lebanese friends based in Paris launched an initiative to help expatriates deal with the blues of living abroad.

Named "Koullouna", the subscription box features local products and aims to "link all of you Lebanon-lovers to our country, no matter where you are, and to create a channel to contribute to the country's development".

Since then, the team has been working hard to take the project to the next level and has already sent over 1,000 boxes to Lebanon-lovers all over the world.

What is Koullouna?

The monthly subscription box contains a meticulously-arranged mix of local goods and products - from food and drinks to books and works of art - along with a booklet of curated content related to the theme of the box.

It notably features items of sentimental value as well as fun facts about these items. Every month, a portion of the revenues are donated to a different non-political and non-religious local initiative that has a positive impact on the country.

The box, therefore, aims to connect Lebanese expats to their roots, all the while allowing them to support local initiatives. 

"There were a lot of things that came into play. We wanted to spread a good image of Lebanon and provide people with a way to stop complaining and actually start helping," Marielle Khayat, the founder of Koullouna, previously told StepFeed.

The team kick-started the project with the "Kankaneh" (cuddling) box, followed by the "Sobhiye" (morning gathering) box and the "Jam3a" (gathering) box, and recently released the "Day3a" (village) box.

For example, the "Day3a" box includes the following items: Dark chocolate by Eshmoon, strawberry and rose petal jam by Mymoune, sumac by Adonis Valley, amareddine by Al-Rifai, wild thyme by Shams Permaculture, a pillowcase by Art7ake, along with a postcard designed by Hoda Adra.

10% of the proceeds from the box will go to the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association.

So, what is the people's verdict?

Testimonials following Koullouna's first box Source:

The Koullouna team told StepFeed they have been receiving plenty of positive feedback from their customers.

"Subscribers are loving receiving their surprise box every month, especially the fact that they're discovering new brands, reconnecting with the country and helping it from afar," they explained.

"It's like a new way of connecting with local entrepreneurs," said a customer from London

Koullouna noted that not all their customers are Lebanese, as many foreigners find interest in the Lebanese culture.

Marina Pape, a subscriber from London, is a case in point.

"What I like about Koullouna is that I feel like it makes it easy to discover what's happening in Lebanon, even if you don't have friends living there. It's like a new way of connecting with local entrepreneurs," Pape told Koullouna.

"I could not be more proud to come from a culture that developed such an epic way to give back to local communities," wrote a Lebanese woman living in Connecticut

"A wonderful initiative connecting Lebanon's huge diaspora to local businesses, social enterprises and creative studios based in Lebanon," wrote a London-based Lebanese woman

Customers can't help but pose with their boxes


"Now that’s what we call a smile!"


Koullouna boxes are available to order online and can be delivered wherever you are. For more information, check out their website here.