In a series of tweets posted on his official Twitter account on Saturday, Dubai's ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid criticized a culture of mismanagement in parts of the Arab world by stating that the region is suffering from poor management of resources and lacks administrators who can facilitate development in various fields.

"Life has taught me that talking a lot about politics in the Arab world is a waste of time, a corruption of ethics, and a waste of resources," Sheikh Mohammed wrote.

"Whoever wants to accomplish something for his people should work in his backyard. History is the witness… Either great achievements speak for themselves or empty speeches with meaningless words," he added.

Sheikh Mohammed cited Japan as a country with limited natural resources but with a strong and efficient economy

"We have a surplus of politicians in the Arab world but a shortage of administrators. We have a management crisis, not a crisis of resources."

"Look at what China and Japan accomplished without having natural resources, [while] countries rich with oil, gas, water, and human labor lack development. Some of them can't even provide basic services such as road infrastructure and electricity for their people," he said, without referring to any states by name.

"In our Arab world, a politician is the one who is in charge of the economy, education, media, and even sports... The politician's true job is to facilitate the lives of economists, academics, media persons, businessmen, and others."

"A politicians' job is to facilitate people's lives, and resolve crises, not create them… making achievements not destroying them."

Sheikh Mohammed often shares his thoughts under the theme of 'life has taught me'

In August 2017, in a post on LinkedIn, he wrote of how "the world waits for no one - those who do not learn and evolve can stumble and often fall. Some governments live in the past, many struggle with the present - a few are building the future."