Last week, Saudi Arabia's national junior badminton team quit an international championship in Ukraine when it became apparent that one of the players on their opponent's team was Israeli, Sabq news reported

In a video said to have been captured by the Saudi team's coach, the kingdom's players are seen refusing to shake hands with their counterparts and then speaking to a referee before walking out.

According to i24 News, Max Grinblat - an Israeli player taking part in the tournament, - stated that he expected the Saudis not to play the match.

In two Facebook posts, he added that he thought the incident was staged for publicity purposes because the Saudi coach was ready to film it

Footage capturing the moment the team walked out is all over Saudi Twitter

Just hours after it first started circulating online, the clip capturing the moment the Saudi sports team walked out of the game went viral on Twitter.

Many hailed the team for refusing to play against an Israeli player, however, there were also those who stood against the move, stating that "sports shouldn't have anything to do with politics".

Even though Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has recently made several controversial statements about the peace process between the illegal state and Palestine, the kingdom still considers Israel an enemy state and has no official diplomatic relations with the country.

Here's a little of what Saudis had to say on the matter:

Some attacked the team for their decision

“Where’s the victory in withdrawing? It’s embarrassing and reflects a regressive rhetoric.”

And didn't stop at that

“An international scandal, shame on you.”

Others shared this point of view

“Withdrawing means weakness and defeat. Play against them, beat them, and hold your head high.”

“Why mix sports with politics? What they did is not an achievement”

Many were having none of the backlash though

“My country doesn't acknowledge their existence as a state in the first place, so how do I play against them? If I did, that would mean I approve of their existence.”

"This isn't withdrawing. This is a way to not acknowledge the competing team"

"And it’s a victory all in of itself. Thank you for doing this, you heroes.”

"Good on them"

"Israel isn't a country, but a gang illegally occupying Palestine"

“Good on them for refusing to play with this occupying, unjust gang.”

Not the first time Israel is snubbed by Arabs at sports events

This isn't the first time Arab sports figures refuse to normalize ties with Israel and its representatives at international events

To millions across the region, Israel is considered an enemy state, which continues to illegally occupy Palestine.

In 2016, Egypt's judoka, Islam El Shehaby, left the Rio Olympics after refusing to shake hands with an Israeli opponent.

In that same year, Lebanese athletes refused to share a bus with Israel’s team.