Source: Al Weeam

Over the weekend, Emirati singer Aida Al Menhalli had to be walked off the stage during a concert that was being held in Oman. 

This came after a group of his fans jumped on the platform, overcrowding the entire space. Security personnel intervened to protect the singer, who did get back on stage later on. 

However, the concert ended earlier than scheduled due to the incident. 

Footage capturing the chaos that ensued at the musical event went viral on social media just hours after the concert ended.

The incident is all over Arab Twitter

Some were pretty angered by it

“Ridiculousness and ill manners. This looks staged.”

"A disrespectful generation, people attend concerts to enjoy performances"

"It looks like they were going to beat him, not greet him"

Others thought the incident shouldn't have been blown out of proportion

“It’s their right to do this, they saw their favorite singer right in front of them.”

Many took the opportunity to point out this irony

“Were they arrested and referred to investigation? Or does that depend on gender?”

Not the first incident of its kind in recent weeks

The latest stage crashing reminded people of a fangirl who was arrested in Saudi Arabia after running on stage to hug Saudi-Iraqi singer Majed al-Mohandis. 

The woman is now set to face trial in the case under the kingdom's recently-passed anti-sexual harassment law.

At the time, a video capturing the incident, which took place in July 2018, sparked a heated controversy on Saudi social media.