When it comes to love, Arab couples are no strangers to grand gestures - but one Egyptian couple, in particular, recently took it to another level.

A few days ago, Ahmed El Gohary shared his own love story via Twitter, detailing the sequence of events between him and his now-fiancé. 

Gohary posted a screenshot of the first time he and Dina Rizk, his fiancé, spoke. The screenshot was accompanied by a current photo of the couple during their engagement. 

"Started from DM, now we are here," Gohary tweeted. 

StepFeed spoke to Gohary, and hopeless romantics will surely be proud. 

"We lived in the same city and I always [used to see] her accidentally sometimes. Then, I decided to chat with her for the first time on Twitter. [At some point down the line] I told her 'I love you' and [that] 'I want to engage you'," Gohary told StepFeed.

The couple has now been together for 3 years!

"After we chatted on Twitter for about two days, I took her number and asked her out. That was our first date and the first time I confess my love to her," Gohary said. 

"Our relationship went on for two years before I went to her father to ask for her hand in marriage. He refused at first, considering I'm still a student. We went through a tough month trying to convince him; we eventually succeeded. It was another year before we got engaged and signed the marriage contract," he added. 

When asked to describe Rizk in one word, Gohary said "beautiful." 

"I want to say that she is my only reason to live," Gohary told StepFeed.

Following the tweet, the internet went into a total meltdown. Gohary's tweet has so far amassed more than 6,000 re-tweets. 

People were in love with the couple's love story, to say the least.

Countless mabrouks soon followed

People just couldn't handle the cuteness level

"People out here on Twitter getting married while I'm getting blocked"

Some were wondering how this couple explained their story to their parents

Others began doubting themselves

"I can't even get a text back"

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One word: #GOALS

Please ... Please ... Please ... Someone DM me

"There's hope" for the rest of us!

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