Like many places around the world, TV shows in Egypt played an integral part in every 90s kid's life. 

We learned, we laughed, and we spent good times with our families watching some of what are now seen as local classics. 

Here are 5 of the nation's most loved series from back in the day. Do check them out for a healthy dose of nostalgia. 

1. Hadith al-Sabah wal-Masaa' (2001-2002)

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Adopted from Naguib Mahfouz's novel, the series highlights Egypt's social and political history since Muhammad Ali's dynasty, represented skillfully by the series' three protagonists. 

Hadith al-Sabah wal-Masaa' ("Morning and Night Conversations") reminds us to overlook our differences and focus solely on the bigger picture: our unity as a nation.  

2. Hawanem Garden City (1997)

Hawanem Garden City ("Ladies of Garden City") takes you on a trip down memory lane to Egypt in the mid-40s.

It depicts the struggles and mentalities that come with living in the wealthy district of Garden City during that period.

3. Emra'a Min Zaman El-Hob (1998)

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Emra'a Min Zaman El-Hob ("Woman from the Era of Love") is a series that still resonates two decades after its release. 

A distant aunt is asked to move in with her four teenage nephews and nieces after their father travels for work.

Amid the struggles to cope with their progressive views, it takes her a while before she's accustomed to their lifestyle. 

Despite their differences, a special bond develops between them all. 

4. Eish Ayyamak (2004)

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Eish Ayyamak ("Live Your Days") focuses on problems many families face in real life. 

A married couple, starring late actor Nour El-Sherif and Abla Kamel, is suffering from routine. 

While the two struggle to sort their issues, their kids remain as close as ever during those tough times.  

5. Yawmeyat Wanis (1994)

Yawmeyat Wanis ("Wanis' Diary") initially starting airing in 1994 and remained much loved up until its final season, which ended in 2013. 

The story revolves around Wanis and Maysa, two married people doing their best to raise their children according to society's standards. Little do they know most of their disciplinary lessons will go unheeded.