Marriage proposals are very tricky to plan and even harder to carry out. But, when done properly (and answered positively), it's totally worth it.

These men obviously agree with us. They definitely tried their hardest to prove their love to their future brides with these 5 over-the-top proposals.

1. The fake injury

Look at that dedication! This guy faked an injury just so he could get down on one knee.

2. The adorably over-the-top

This looks like it took ages to plan, and we especially love that it started with the father's approval. The rush against time to get to the cinema was also a very nice touch.

3. The sky-high proposal

As though her heart wasn't beating fast enough with the whole sky-diving thing! I guess this would definitely be the best type of landing.

4. The Flash Mob Proposal

OK, so flash mobs may be overdone by now (and that song is starting to really become a cliché) but the girl's reaction just made this one of my favorites. Look how happy they are! And have you ever tried to choreograph a random dance party? Not easy.

5. The Scavenger Hunt Proposal

Who doesn't like to be pampered on their birthday/surprise proposal day? The video with her friends was a nice touch, we love how nonchalant they were about the whole thing.