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Whether you love to travel or explore the hidden gems in your own country, you must have stumbled across a Lonely Planet guidebook that helped you with your quest.

The popular travel guide has released its newest list of "Best in Travel 2019, Top cities" and Morocco's Meknès made it as No. 10. 

Though Morocco is well-known for its more popular cities such as Fez, Marrakesh, Casablanca, and Chefchaouen, it proved to be home to yet another charming city.

A hilltop city that combines the old medina and the ville nouvelle is one all travelers will definitely enjoy. 

Meknès owes its charm to colorful building roofs, diverse souqs of textiles and spices, and gorgeous teahouses around the city's ancient corners. 

What is even more impressive about this Moroccan city is its Islamic architecture that can be seen from wherever your feet take you.

One of the most popular sites for tourists is Bab el-Mansour. Completed in 1732, it's a massive gate ornamented with green and white zellige tiles, "marble columns and inscriptions from the Quran along the top."

Take a look at why Meknès made it to the list

Beautiful green all around

Souqs of colors and spices

It looks like an island, doesn't it?

Are you convinced yet?

Here's Lonely Planet's full list for your travel adventures in 2019

  1. Copenhagen, Denmark
  2. Shēnzhèn, China
  3. Novi Sad, Serbia
  4. Miami, Florida - USA
  5. Kathmandu, Nepal
  6. Mexico City, Mexico
  7. Dakar, Senegal
  8. Seattle, Washington - USA 
  9. Zadar, Croatia
  10. Meknès, Morocco