Madonna, aka the Queen of Pop, marked her 60th birthday in style, spending the days leading up to the big day in the Moroccan city of Marrakech. 

Early on Thursday, the American singer reminded her fans of the jour-J with an Instagram post in which she can be seen holding a sticker to her forehead that reads "the queen" in both Arabic and English.

The singer - who was born on August 16, 1958 - has been exploring the city, visiting its souks and alleys, and celebrating "Berber culture" this week.

She's been documenting her entire journey on social media, and to say she seems to be enjoying her time is an understatement.

"Berber Queen"

In another Instagram post prior to her birthday, Madonna can be seen donning a Berber headpiece jewelry, a Fez, and Moroccan necklaces.

"Today I am wearing a cake on my head! 2 more days," she wrote in the caption.

"In the souk"

"Walking through the Labyrinth of the medina during the Call to Prayer"

According to Morocco World News, Madonna is allegedly hosting a massive birthday party in the luxurious Riad El Fenn hotel on Thursday evening.

A number of celebrities are expected to attend the party.