A 75-year-old Emirati grandfather who earned his master's degree over the weekend is winning people's hearts online. 

Identified as Ali Mohammad Naji, the scholar went viral after his son, Fahed Ali, posted a tweet celebrating the outstanding achievement. 

Speaking to Gulf News, Naji explained that he started his two-year MBA after he retired from his job. 

"There is no end to getting knowledge, whenever time permits. A person could be occupied at certain times in his life but then he should pick up the chance to learn, whenever time is available. Time is precious so you better utilize it in the right way, which would help you and your community," he said.

He also thanked the UAE's leaders for supporting all the country's students and "eliminating all obstacles towards education and knowledge." 

Naji's story broke the UAE's internet

Just hours after Ali's tweet was first posted on Friday, it went completely viral online. 

In a statement to Gulf News, the young man said he was surprised by all the attention his post garnered and didn't expect it to have the impact it did. 

Thousands have since reacted to Ali's tweet, congratulating his father on the success.

Some were overjoyed by the news


Everyone was motivated by Naji's success

"Such an inspiration"

"There's no age for success"


Not the first elderly Arab to go viral for pursuing a higher degree

Source: Gulf News

Last year, a Palestinian grandma broke the internet after a video of her receiving her PhD went viral. 

74-year-old Najma Khalil Abu Esbaa, who had worked as a teacher in the UAE for over 17 years, achieved her life-long dream after years of research and studying.

Abu Esbaa's graduation paper documented the struggle of Palestinian women for over a quarter of a century and was described as "historical."