Through a storm of online controversy stirred by a surge of Islamophobia, the Muslim-linked niqab and burqa (full-face veil) have seen additional bans in more European countries. 

From partial to national bans in 11 nations, the last couple of years have witnessed five new states diminish the freedom of burqa-wearing women.

Here are the five latest countries to join the burqa ban movement across the globe:

1. Denmark

Denmark is set to become the latest member of the anti-niqab movement. 

The European country's liberal party, which once supported all women attire and women's freedom to dress, is now opposing the niqab with a majority-backing of the Danish parliament. 

2. Austria

The new restrictions ban people from covering their faces with masks, burkas, or scarves in public places or inside buildings. 

Austrian police are allowed to use force to make people show their faces and can impose fines of €150.

3. Quebec, Canada

Quebec has just passed a law that forces women to uncover their faces at work and when accessing public institutions such as schools or hospitals.

4. Germany

Described by the Interior Minister as "boundaries of our tolerance", the German parliament passed a draft law to ban burqas for public workers in civil services, judiciary, and military sectors. 

Chancellor Angela Merkel has also called for the ban to be implemented "wherever it is legally possible".

5. Latvia

With a bashing headline by the New York Times, "Latvia Wants to Ban Face Veils, for All 3 Women Who Wear Them,"  even a population of 1000 practicing Muslims are being restricted from wearing the burqa.