Salma Hayek is perhaps best known as an American-Mexican actress, but any and every Lebanese person will proudly remind you that she boasts Lebanese ancestry.

Salma's father is a Mexican of Lebanese descent. His family hails from the city of Baabdat, Lebanon, a place Salma and her father visited in 2015 to promote her movie, The Prophet, which was based on Kahlil Gibran's novel.

And Hayek has never been shy about hiding her Arab roots. 

From proudly claiming her heritage, to just plain old fitting the stereotype (in the good ways, of course), Hayek definitely makes us proud.

Here's what we mean...

1. She's definitely passionate about cursing ... just like the rest of

2. She does everything with her BIG family

3. And her dance skills are always on point

Her hips don't lie ...

4. She LOVES food

5. Especially Lebanese food!

Kibbeh FTW!

6. And just like us, she's so very expressive

Utilizing her hands and face to the max.

7. Her rights as an Arab woman are a top priority

"I hope that the extraordinary Lebanese women and mothers have the possibility to pass their nationality to their children," Hayek said last year, targeting Lebanon's law that currently blocks women from passing on citizenship to their children.

8. And she believes in Arab unity and love, taking pride in her heritage

And that's why we love Salma ktir!