Last week, Forbes released a list enumerating the trending international destinations for fall and winter travel. 

On that list, Beirut and Tel Aviv were mentioned as top cities to visit, respectively - a matter which annoyed some Lebanese people, especially well-followed digital media company,

Even though one of Israel's top and oldest newspapers, Haaretz, mistook for being a Lebanese travel company - which perplexed them regarding how a "Beirut travel firm" would choose "nationalism over business" - it was the online reactions that took the prize. 

When's tweet got its way around Twitter, Tel Aviv wanted to prove to Lebanon that it has nothing but love for Beirut... or maybe not. 

With one single Israeli tweep, @TheMossadIL, launching the sarcastic hashtag #TelAvivLovesBeirut, Twitter was sent into a frenzy of back and forth tweets.

However, it didn't take much for Lebanese Twitter users to be triggered. 

The hashtag alone represented to the Lebanese the ultimate Israeli hypocrisy, and what they had to say was the following:

The hilarious GIFs

"I don't know her"

Beirut went all Matrix

Just walk away...

This hashtag is definitely a joke

Just... no

Some didn't shy away from pointing out the hypocrisy

Memories from the 2006 war

Beirut simply doesn't feel the same way

Others tried thinking rationally about it