Celebrities have - on more than one occasion - gone viral for using Arabic in their social media posts, interviews, and tattoos.

The latest to do so is Canadian singer/songwriter The Weeknd ... to wish American-Moroccan rapper French Montana a very happy birthday. 

Except ... he did so by calling him a "hayawan," which is the Arabic word for animal. In the context of the post - alongside the fact that Arabs animal-call each other so often - it's actually not offensive at all. 

"Happy Birthday Hayawaaan"

The Weeknd shared the photo on his Instagram story on Nov. 9, but that doesn't mean screenshots of the greeting was limited to just that one social media platform.

No, Twitter users were definitely all over the moment ... and believe it or not, it became the topic of discussion among many on the micro-blogging platform since.

"The Arabic language is taking over"

Many credited Bella Hadid for influencing The Weeknd

Well, that's not so far-fetched considering the couple first got together in May 2015.

The duo called things off in Nov. 2016 due to their busy schedules, but they rekindled their love this year after The Weeknd realized "he actually is still in love with Bella, and they reconnected."

More than one person credited Hadid

"This is why I love him"

"He is rocking it"

"Made my night"

Others thought The Weeknd should know that "hayawan" isn't a nice word

Some thought there was some ulterior motive behind it

Some used this moment to make memes



"I'm ready for marriage"