There's something about Arabic script that catches the attention of people looking to get inked. 

And celebrities haven't missed out on the opportunity to get Arabic words or phrases permanently etched on their skin. And no it's not just Angelina Jolie.

Did you know about these 10 others? 

1. Selena Gomez

In 2014, the American pop artist got herself inked with an Arabic phrase that translates to "Love Yourself First."

2. Amira Mccarthy

The British singer - who was a part of the music group Neon Jungle - has the Arabic script with the word "sky" tattooed on her right inner arm. 

3. Another by Amira Mccarthy

Mccarthy also has the Arabic word "al 3azeema" (determination) tattooed on her right arm. 

4. Lil Wayne

Source: Twitter

In 2014, Lil Wayne got some new facial tattoos including one right above his left eyebrow. 

In Arabic, it reads "mama's boy" which ultimately sent the internet into a total meltdown with many mocking the rapper for getting the phrase inked on his face.

5. Conor Mcgregor

Long before he became a UFC champion, McGregor got Arabic writing tattooed on the back of his left leg. He claims that it was a decision he made during a holiday in Cyprus. 

He's not too sure what it actually means.

6. Sergio Busquets

The Spanish footballer - who plays with FC Barcelona- is often seen kissing his left inner arm during football matches. Did you know he's kissing his tattoo?

It reads "something for you ... the life in my country," in Arabic. 

7. Zayn Malik

British-Muslim singer and songwriter has his grandfather's name - Walter - written across the right part of his chest, just below the collarbone, in Arabic script. 

8. Simão Sabrosa

Portuguese footballer Simão Sabrosa has his daughter's name "Mariana" tattooed in Arabic script across his inner arm with two lightning bolts beside it. 

9. Hector Bellerin

Arsenal footballer Hector Bellerin has the Arabic word for friend (sadeeq) inked on his right hand. 

10. Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana has the phrase "areed as2alha" which translates to
"I want to ask her" tattooed on her foot.