From making history at the Emmys to visiting ice cream museums, Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek has been at the center of countless social media meltdowns.  

In the most recent one, a now-viral video of the actor speaking Egyptian has people going wild. 

The video was shared on YouTube earlier in July but has now resurfaced after Facebook user Mohammad Nashy shared it on the platform over the weekend. 

First, a Facebook user shared an interview where Malek is speaking Egyptian

And people just couldn't even

Really couldn't

The meltdown was so legit

"I am going to cry."  

"Albyy ya naas"

Naturally, a lot of 'yalahwis' were in order

"Eh el halawa di bas?"

Rami speaking Egyptian... "hwa da"

Rami's Arabic is now officially "A7la 3araby mkasar"

But just in case you want to judge for yourself...