The Chinese holiday that encourages people to embrace their singlehood was also commemorated by Saudis this year. 

On Nov. 11, Twitter users in Saudi Arabia launched an Arabic "international singles' day" hashtag to mark the day ... and people in the country did not miss out on the celebrations.

The result? Hilarious responses that'll make your day. 

It all started when the singles' day hashtag went viral on Saudi Twitter

"There's nothing better"

"Finally can participate in something"

Some were pretty excited

"Today is our day."

To say the least

"At last we get a day to celebrate us, I thought it'd never come. Let me give you all a hug." 

"All our days are international, not just one"

Because what's better than being single?

If you thought people are really sad over their single status ... well you were wrong

"Yes for freedom, staying up late, and sleeping in." 

"We wake up and sleep without anyone annoying us"

Saudis sent out the most hilarious tweets

Naturally, memes flooded Twitter too

Single Saudis are pretty happy

And seem to be doing pretty well

Very well indeed

"No matter how unfortunate you are, remember that you don't have to wake up early to get the chicken out of the freezer for lunch."

"Singlehood contract extended to 2030"

"Those your age have their own family"

"God be with them."

"Just noticed it's the same day as my birthday"

"Notice the message destiny sent me!!"

"Glory for the singles'"

Happy singles' day everyone!