Months after calling it quits, it looks like Kourtney Kardashian and her Algerian beau Younes Bendjima are very much back on. 

The duo got the rumor mills grinding after being spotted together on several occasions the past few weeks, including a trip to Disneyland and an appearance during Art Basel in Miami. 

The oldest of the reality clan's sisters hosted her entire family for an annual Christmas Eve bash and naturally made sure to document the entire happenings in an Instagram post captioned:

"One of my favorite nights of the year ✨ since I was born, our tradition."

One of the uploads features the Algerian boxer-turned-model and the mother-of-three posing together in a pretty official couple click. 

Speaking to E! News, a source confirmed the couple is back to together but don't want to formally announce it. 

"Kourtney doesn't want to admit it or make some big announcement but she's essentially back with Younes. It took a lot of time and persistence but he wouldn't give up. Now they are back to spending a lot of time together and he's around a lot," the source said.

Well, let's just say the fan-favorite couple's picture and news that they're back together sent tweeps into a frenzy that was just too real. 

Fans were too excited

Way too thrilled, to be fair

Congrats to those heavily invested in the couple

Kardashian and Bendjima first met in 2016

The couple met at Paris Fashion Week back in 2016 and got pretty serious soon after in 2017. Last summer, they broke up and shattered their fans' hearts in the process. 

As with everything Kardashian related, the break-up was quite dramatic and the relationship was said to have ended on bad terms, with both the reality star and the Algerian model unfollowing each other on Instagram. 

At the time, some fans claimed the couple split up after Bendjima called Kardashian out over a bikini photo she posted on Instagram. The real reason behind the split remains unknown. 

Before they broke up, the Muslim-Algerian model didn't hesitate to introduce Kardashian to his religion and culture, getting her to embrace the Ramadan spirit and listen to Arabic songs

Now that the couple is back together, fans expect to see more of all that.