Greg Demarque | Executive Source: Executive Magazine

How can we end the year with a bang? Even better, what best way to wrap an entire decade? For a country as tiny as Lebanon, we don't know. 

The revolution that's been ongoing since Oct. 17 has had major effects on the Lebanese pound (lira), which has in turn affected a large portion of the population. Salaries have been halved, employees have been let go, prices have skyrocketed, and life in Lebanon has become ... how to say it, I don't know. Maybe something similar to a crisis, a disaster, a tragedy to the poor and the sick the most. 

On Thursday, and after a Finance and Budget committee meeting, Central Bank Governor Riad Salameh attempted to give answers to the reporters who surrounded him upon his exit. The questions were regarding the economic crisis Lebanon is facing and the oscillogram-like dance the lira has been performing for the past two months and so. 

To one specific question about the black market that's been dealing with the unofficial exchange rate from Lebanese pounds to dollars among exchange shops and how high could the dollar reach, Salameh replied with his most famous quote to date: "No one knows."

And so the Lebanese sense of humor rolled: 

Let's begin with the original video

1. On the weather

2. On the usual marriage question

3. On that one pair of socks that was never reunited

4. On existential questions

5. "What's the purpose of life?" kind of questions

6. And philosophical ones

7. On burns

8. And attempts to burn fat

9. On reality checks

10. And double dosages of the latter

Bonus round:

The Lebanese Lira is not surprised Salameh doesn't know