Algerian model, Younes Bendjima, hasn't hesitated from introducing his girlfriend, Kourtney Kardashian, to his religion and culture ... and it seems as though he's got the TV personality to embrace the Ramadan spirit. 

Over the weekend, Kardashian shared a photo to her Snapchat of a tea cup accompanied with the caption: "Ramadan Spirit."

Of course, the internet couldn't help but pitch their two cents on the situation ... with many questioning the existence of Gucci teacups. 

"Mashallah sister Kourtney"

Some took their excitement a bit too far?

Valid points were made

Questions were raised

"Can we talk about the Gucci tea set?"

"Not surprised"

Gucci tea set and Ramadan go together ... since when?

Many were actually pretty happy

Giving the credit to her Algerian BF

"Younes Bendjima got Kourtney Kardashian feeling the Ramadan spirit"

Some were outraged

"When Kourtney Kardashian is more in the Ramadan spirit than you"

"We flying to Islam?"

Khadija Kardashian, inshallah.

Not the first time Kardashian embraces her BF's culture

Earlier this year, Bendjima shared an Instagram story in which he can be seen blasting a classic Arabic song ... and Kardashian got in the mood immediately, pulling dance moves in the passenger seat.

Bendjima was excitedly singing along to the traditional Algerian song Abdel Kader by the renown musician Cheb Khaled, while Kardashian danced and giggled at the foreign tunes.