If you grew up in an Arab home, you know how serious cleaning days are. 

Also known as "3azeel" days, they feature very specific rules the entire family has to follow and also include a plan to make a home spotless. 

So what are the stages of cleaning an Arab house? 

Here's a closer look: 

Stage 1: Spring cleaning before a cleaning company arrives to help out

Because Arab moms trust no one when it comes to cleaning. 

Stage 2: Wiping dust off everything

See those ornaments on the coffee table, yep ... you have to clean those too. 

Stage 3: Scrubbing every surface with the notorious yellow JIF

No Arab home is ever out of the iconic JIF. 

Stage 4: Spraying vinegar on tough spots

Arab mom cleaning hacks to the rescue. 

Stage 5: Sprinkling "saboon baladi" everywhere

The Arab grandma touch. 

Stage 6: Cleaning every kitchen sink and surface with JIF spray

Deep-cleaning, Arab style. 

Stage 7: Rinsing the entire bathroom

Yep, an integral stage. 

Stage 8: Putting everything back in to its place

Because Arabs move all their furniture around every time they clean. 

Stage 9: Washing up your cleaning tools

Don't think Arab moms are letting you skip this stage.

Stage 10: Finishing off with a quick rosewater sprinkle for freshness

Now, you can relax.