Living with Arab moms and dads is an experience like no other, because they're always unique in their ways. 

Whether it's in the things they do around the house or in public, they're always in a league of their own. 

Here are a few posts about Arab parents that are so true it actually hurts: 

1. On being pretty close-minded

2. And controlling

3. On zaatar and pre-exam advice

4. On not meaning what they say

5. On Arab parent comparisons

6. On being too hard on their kids

"Arab culture is sending your parents a photo of a poster, with weeks' worth of research, that took you over 24 hours to put together only to get this as a response:" Source: Twitter/Dora_Khoury

7. On Arab parent apologies

8. On being experts in emotional blackmail

9. On their evil eye phobia

10. On blaming everything on technology

11. On being a tad too strict

12. On Arab parent driving lessons

13. On not understanding mental illness