There's some kind of freakish resemblance between media mogul Oprah Winfrey and Arab grandmas. 

Her reactions to things can pretty much sum up our relationships with them. 

Don't believe us? Here's proof:

1. When you tell her you're too full to eat food she's cooked

Full blown meltdown ahead. 

2. When you refuse a second dinner serving

But end up having it because... Arab grandmas. 

3. When you tell her you're becoming vegan

Ya lahwi. 

4. When you visit her after a long time

And she jokingly says: "Habibi smallah jeyye se7tak" (You gained weight).

5. So then you tell her you're on a diet and she's like

Diets and Arab grandmas don't mix.

6. When someone says "butter is unhealthy"

We cooked with it all our lives, she'll say. 

7. When you visit her for Eid

Eidiyya for everyone. 

8. When you curse in front of her

Nothing good follows.

9. When she offers you life advice

Arab grandmas are always right.

10. When she talks to you about her childhood

These are the best stories.

11. When you introduce her to your boyfriend/girlfriend

Good luck getting her blessing. 

12. When you tell her you don't plan on getting married anytime soon

Nothing upsets an Arab grandma more.

13. Or ever

Not getting married is not an option here.

14. When you cave in and say you'll consider marriage and kids

Her life has been made. 

15. When you tell her you're traveling for college/work

And she doesn't take it too well. 

16. When she finally figures out how to Skype with you when you're away

And screams her way through the entire call. 

17. When she attends your graduation

The proudest moment of her life. 

18. When she joins you in a gossip session

Arab tetas are fun. 

19. When you know she's judging everyone and everything

20. When she says "To2borni/To2breene"

Where in the world will you find a granny who says "may you bury me?" No where.