1. On your pathetic existence

2. On not allowing you to grow up

3. On traveling

4. On ruined summer plans

5. On harsh punishments

6. On future wild curfews

7. On locking girls up

8. On simple questions

9. On surpassing your outings' limit

10. On your Arab parents' brain farts

11. On last minute decisions

12. On never reaching adulthood

13. On songs dedicated to Arab girls

14. On simply being Arab

15. On the struggle of convincing Arab parents

16. On being 18, White people vs. Arabs

17. On White people vs. Arabs, part II

18. On being a baby, eternally

19. On mall trips never happening

20. On sleepovers

21. On sleepovers, part II

22. On befriending Arabs

23. On lying to stay out late

24. On allowing you to go out ... with conditions