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We bet you remember the Egyptian hit song Baba Fein? (Where's your dad?) which was first released in 2002.

The track features a group of 10 children, following them as they pick up their father's phone and annoy a friend who was calling him.

At the time of its release, the song and its music video became an instant hit all over the Arab world. Almost 17 years later, DMC, an Egyptian TV channel, reunited the band behind the song in an interview aired on local show Sahibet Al Saada.

Of course, the now grown-up kids sang the track all over again, and ultimately broke the internet. 

The video has amassed over 500,000 views

Everyone just went back in time

"Childhood memories."

People got pretty emotional

Others reminisced

"Ah, those days."

Where did all these years go?

"Time goes by so fast!! 16 years already"

"This was my ringtone back then"

"Those kids really grew up"

Watch the song's 2002 version below: